You may have looked at mobility scooters lately and been on the fence about purchasing one. With it being a significant investment, you want to be sure that there isn’t a cheaper way to make getting about easier. To help decide whether or not you could benefit from having a mobility scooter to travel around we’ve covered some areas to consider before making the purchase.

You Can No Longer Walk Comfortably

It can be difficult to admit when we’re not as physically capable as we once were, but it’s not worth making it harder to travel out of stubbornness. Of course, a cane or frame is one way of helping support you as you walk, but if you’re walking for a long time it can still be exhausting. Additionally, if you move slowly it can’t help you move more quickly.

If you find that walking up and down the high street has become a slower and more tiring process then it may be time to consider a mobility scooter to speed up travel and reduce physical exertion. The electric motor provides smooth and swift travel that can help you conserve energy for when you need it at other times in the day. If you like to get out of the house regularly this is well worth the price of a scooter.

You Need to Travel Further but Can’t DriveDrive Mercury Envoy Plus travel

If you either can’t drive due to lack of a license of have been told you are longer able to by a doctor, then a 6-8mph scooter is an excellent substitute if you only intend on using roads under 50mph. The additional speed and distance these kinds of scooters have is more than capable of getting you to destinations around your area, such as a supermarket or a friend’s house.

If we take the Drive Mercury Envoy Plus as an example we can see that features such as a comfortable captain’s chair, suspension system, and all-around lights make it a road worthy scooter. Additionally, without the legal need for a license, tax, insurance, and having to fill up with fuel, running costs are much lower than a car.

Be Sure You’re Confident to Drive One

It’s important remember that driving a mobility scooter comes with a responsibility to do it safely. If you are strongly considering getting one then be sure that you feel confident and capable of driving one without a high-risk of an accident. Although mobility scooters are designed to be straightforward to operate they still require the drive to be continuously alert to their surroundings.

Depending on your confidence level and where you want to use your scooter the type you purchase can be crucial. Travel scooters are lightweight and have a top speed of 4mph and are well suited to busy local areas with lots of pedestrians. Pavement scooters also have a 4mph top speed and better range but are heavier, so if you’re worried about colliding with pedestrians this may not be right. Finally, the already mentioned 6-8mph scooters are only necessary if you intend on road use.

If you feel that these reasons apply to you then it’s likely time to pull the trigger on buying a mobility scooter and regaining your independence.