Spring is here, and while winter will want to keep reminding us that it’s not quite gone for another year yet, that means bright evenings and mornings of birdsong. Most people come alive at this time of year, wanting to make the most of the growing sunshine – long morning walks and later evenings watching the sunset. But it can be a chore getting out when you have mobility difficulties. Luckily, there are some dressing aids to help you make the most of the improving weather. Here is a small selection.

Elastic Shoe LacesElastic Shoe Laces dressing aids

When we’re young and don’t have joint problems, we take for granted the ability to tie laces. But as we get older, or we have just had major surgery on the back, bending over can strain the joints and cause pain. Instead of old-fashioned and standard string laces, you could consider replacing them with these elastic laces from the dressing aids range instead. Elastic stretches so you don’t need to bend over as far when carrying out such a simple act. You can wear your favourite summer shoes, trainers or other light footwear with ease when going out for a stroll in the sunshine on a Sunday morning.

Padded Dressing aids StickPadded Dressing Stick

Pulling up a skirt or a pair of trousers requires bending over, sometimes a little too far for comfort. Doing up buttons requires fine motor control, as does pulling a shirt over a shoulder. Sometimes, we need a little extra help if we can’t do it for ourselves. You may not always have somebody present to do it for you. This simple device has an S-shaped hook on one end, making it easy to hook under clothes, get a firm grip and pull onto your body. The other end has a long shoehorn.

Plastic Handle Button Hook dressing aidsPlastic Handle Button Hook

Spring is for wearing light shirts and blouses. Unfortunately, they have small buttons that require fine motor control – problematic if you have arthritis or rheumatism in your hands. This dressing aid makes easier work of doing up buttons so you don’t have to always resort to a t-shirt. It’s ideal to use with almost any button size thanks to the large hooking mechanism. Small shirt buttons, jeans and trouser buttons and even coats. Small, lightweight and compact. Take it with you so that when you find a teashop to stop for a well-earned cuppa, you can just as easily take your coat off.

Simplify Sock Helper dressing aidsSimplify Sock Helper

Socks wick away moisture and help keep our feet cool and comfortable as well as provide a barrier to friction between our feet and footwear. Putting socks on can be a chore at the best of times. When you lack dexterity or balance, it can be a battle of wits. Luckily, the range of dressing aids contains this unique contraption. It’s a sturdy wire mesh device. Simply place a sock into the device and slide your foot in. Quick and simple, no maintenance required due to its simple design. It’s not just useful for socks either. It will also fit stockings and tights.

Ironing/Perching Stool dressing aidsIroning/Perching Stool

Getting dressed is easier when you are sitting down. But not everybody can bend down low enough when getting dressed. You may need a bit more support and a little extra height. That’s why this combination ironing and perching stool might work for you instead. It’s tall, narrow and thin with no armrests. Therefore, it provides plenty of free movement. What’s more, you can raise and lower the elevation accordingly for the task depending on your person dressing mobility needs. This is a great multipurpose device.