Many individuals who have severe mobility and illness issues have a carer that either lives in or visits their home residence, or they may even live at a dedicated residential care home. This gives a vulnerable patients more attentive care that can be received on demand, but even in live-in situations a carer can’t monitor a patient 24/7. One of the biggest risks for a vulnerable untended patient is having a fall and causing injury. These living aids are designed to offer fall protection and also provide carers with additional help attending to their patients.

fall monitor systemPatient Monitor System for Fall Protection

The Deluxe Bed Monitor System is designed to alert a carer when an out of sight patient has gotten out of bed. This is particularly suited for patients who are susceptible to wandering due to dementia related conditions or if the patient may fall out of bed. When the patient gets up an alarm will alert the carer, or it can even be linked to an existing nurse call system, meaning it can alert the carer silently. The pad can also be powered by battery or on the mains. Finally, there are also a Deluxe Chair and Floor Monitor Systems with the same fall protection functionality.

Wearable Fall Protection Accessory

For patients who are able to walk unattended but still require some assistance by a carer the Geemarc Serenities Fall Detection Remote is a more streamlined and convenient accessory. The device is worn on the wrist of the patient and can be triggered either manually or automatically. If it’s set to manual the patient simply has to press a button to sound the alarm, whereas the automatic setting sounds when a hard fall is suffered. For hard of hearing patients there is vibration and led light that indicates it has been activated. The alarm can also be cancelled within 20 seconds.

bath lift fall protectionBath Lift to Prevent Slips

The bathroom is perhaps the room where a vulnerable individual is most likely to have a serious fall, particularly when getting in and out of the bath. The Elixir Bath Lift provides fall protection to help an unsteady individual into the bath, while simultaneously assisting any attendants that may be helping by reducing the physical effort required. The seat can be raised to the level of the bath so you simply have to sit down or slide over from a wheelchair. In can lower and raise you using the water safe electronic motors, which are capable of supporting 22st of weight.

Bath Rail for More Mobile Individuals

As not every individual needs complete support when getting in and out the bath a more low-tech fall protection solution may be more suitable. An accessory like the Swedish Bath Rail is ideal for providing a firm surface to prop yourself up on while you step in and out of the tub. Of course, an attendant can still provide some extra support if required, but this bath rail offers the potential for enhanced independence, something that’s very important to many when it comes to personal hygiene. This particular rail is just one of a vast variety of different deigns.