Bags are wonderful – few people can go a lifetime without them. Handbags, clutch bags, luggage bags, rucksacks, shopping bags – the list is endless. They help you carry more than you possibly could using your hands alone – on your shoulder, on your back, on your wheelchair, in the car, on flights, on the train. We feel that these bags for mobility convenience are a great addition to any person with a mobility lifestyle. Let us run through a few of our favourites and those that aim to make your life more convenient.

CareCo Storage BagCareCo Storage Bags

This storage bag is a great multi-use, multi-purpose and multi-function bag for mobility convenience. Although large for weight distribution and designed to use with your mobility scooter or wheelchair, it’s a great all-rounder. It can hold many items including keys, paperwork, electronic devices and items too numerous to carry in your hands. The convenient handle will slip neatly over the back of your wheelchair, on your scooter tiller or simply to carry in your hand. A great, basic option with no frills.

CareCo Universal BagCareCo Universal Bags

Users looking for a little more from a multi-purpose bag should probably consider this. As bags for mobility convenience go, it’s a fantastic all-rounder with some excellent extra features and functions. It’s larger than the standard Storage Bag and fastens securely to the back of your wheelchair or powerchair. It’s deeper and has more space, and is roughly the right size and shape meaning greater weight distribution for anything you place inside it.

Hi-Vis Crutch and Walking Stick BagCareCo Hi-Vis Crutch Walking Stick Bags

Larger still with an attachment to allow you to safely store your crutch or walking stick, this bag for mobility convenience will ensure you are seen at night. This is ideally suited to most wheelchairs and mobility scooters, providing vital reflective material at the back when driving on unlit roads or other areas of poor visibility. It looks like a large rucksack which means it’s of a trendy design as well as being useful.

Wheelchair Pannier BagWheelchair Pannier Bags

Most of the bags for your mobility convenience so far featured go over the back of a mobility device. This is fine if you’re travelling a medium to long distance and don’t need the things held inside it until you reach your destination. But what about for those items you need during a journey, such as your mobile phone, keys, purse or wallet? The pannier bag is designed to slip over the side of a wheelchair’s armrest with a Velcro strip for easy yet secure attachment. It’ll go over the right or left side and is large enough to store a jacket.

Mobility Scooter Tiller Security BagMobility Scooter Tiller Security Bags

Similarly, when using a mobility scooter, you need a bag for mobility convenience exactly where you can see it. That is where tiller bags come in. It’s showerproof, attached and detaches easily, and ideal for keeping those secure items close to hand. It’s important not to overload this bag – don’t put too much in and be mindful of the weight of your mobility scooter. Too much weight and it could up-end.

CareCo Wheelchair Storage BagCareCo Wheelchair Storage Bags

You don’t just need bags to put stuff in when out and about, sometimes you need a bag large and strong enough to put your collapsible wheelchair in. If your wheelchair folds, it’s highly likely it will fit into this. Use it in the car or put it in the cargo hold when getting on a flight abroad. A clear sleeve on the front allows you to put your personal details such as a luggage tag should you have any problems.