Gel has been one of the quiet technological revolutions. It’s likely that you give very little thought to the benefits and purposes of gel. As you will see from the gel accessories listed below, the material has a variety of uses, mostly focusing on support and comfort. Here is a small selection of some of the amazing accessories and items that utilise this handy technology.

Gel Comfort Cushion

Gel Comfort CushionUse it in the car, in your wheelchair, on your sofa or on a dining chair. This cushion has a removable gel bag and a foam outer. This provides not only the superior comfort you expect but also the kind of support you need from gel accessories. The cover can be removed so you can wash it and even reverse it when preferred. With easy-clean black polyester and fleece, we’re confident you will find few items in this class as pleasurable to use.

Soft Gel Grip Walking Sticks

Prolonged use of a walking stick or cane can get quite uncomfortable. Even the smoothest polished wood can irritate the skin, especially the palm and fingers. If your walking stick causes discomfort, you should consider getting one of these simple gel accessories. These sticks come with gel hand grips and a stylish design with your comfort in use in mind. Practical, attractive and smooth, we’re confident you’ll love it. Use it as a complement or replacement for your everyday walking stick and notice the difference.

Luxor Gel Cooling Pillow

Luxor Cooling Gel Comfort PillowAnother great attribute of gel accessories is the cooling nature. There isn’t much to complain about in summer, but when it’s hot, we tend to get stuffy and irritable; quality of sleep goes down and we lack concentration when awake. Our luxury gel pillows might feel strange to lie your head at first, but you’ll soon get used to it. You’ll adapt quickly to the amazing adaptive nature of the memory foam pillow, including enjoying the support for your back and neck. You’ll never again need to keep waking up and turning the pillow to keep cool.

Gel Padded Wheelchair Gloves

Self-propelling wheelchairs allow independence for many users to go about their daily lives without an attendant. But the constant propelling motion can put stress and strain on your hands, causing calluses and cuts. Normal gloves aren’t suitable. Woolly types wear out and leather types are too thick. Sporting gloves usually work for a while, but you need specific wheelchair gloves. Those padded with gel are the best type. These particular gloves slip on and off easily, secured with Velcro.

Migraine Relief Wrap

Migraine Relief Wrap comfortSome gel accessories possess medical relief attributes. Take this simple head wrap, for example. The gel may be heated in a bowl of warm water or cooled in the freezer depending on your migraine relief needs. But it is not just for a migraine; sinus infections, colds and flu can put pressure on the head, creating headaches, fogginess, grogginess and general discomfort. This is a great reliever for head colds too. Keep it as part of your self-care kit.

Gel Slippers

These unisex slippers are great for the time of year, complementing the range of gel accessories nicely. The unique FoamGel relieve aches and pains, mould to your unique shape over time so they quickly feel smooth and comfortable. High-density foam relieves the impact on the knees and legs, which makes it an excellent choice for people with lower body mobility problems.