If you’ve just bought a toilet lift you’re probably wondering how it works and how you can get the best use from it. There are a few different models and though they have slightly different features, they perform the same basic function – to help you go to the toilet in safety and comfort, easily, and without making a trial of one of the most basic of human functions.

Try it Out in a “Dry Run”

Mountway Solo Toilet LiftNaturally, the first thing you should do with your new toilet lift is to try it out. While attaching it to your toilet, sit down and see how comfortable it feels. If it has armrests – most do – sometimes these are adjustable. You may find you need to change some of these adjustable sections for maximum comfort. For example, the Mountway Solo has height-adjustable feet, ideal if you are particularly tall or particularly short. The same goes for the armrests. Find the seating arrangement most comfortable for you and then activate the device.

Do a “Dry Run” With a Carer

Toilet lifts are designed for people with severe physical difficulty. Most users will have the assistance of a carer. Once you’ve adjusted all the settings and found a comfortable position for you, it’s time to bring in your carer or anybody else who might need to help you to or from the toilet. Although the device will raise you up from the toilet and lower you down so you can relieve yourself, that’s not to say you shouldn’t have or don’t need a carer present some of the time. It won’t, for example, transfer you to a wheelchair. The carer also needs to get used to how it works and how they can help you use it.

Keep the Battery Pack Charged

Home LiftSeat toilet liftMost models are battery operated although the Home LiftSeat type can also plug into the mains power supply. The MountWay Solo mentioned earlier is battery operated only, although it comes with two batteries. Both have a power indicator level that warns you when the power level is low. Keep on top of this by ensuring one battery is fully charged at all times. The best way to do this is to switch the depleted battery for the new one and let the other charge. If you get into this routine, you’ll never be caught short again. The last thing you need is to get stuck in the middle of a raising.

Keep Your Toilet Lift Clean

As an electronic device, your toilet lift needs to be kept as clean as possible. Naturally, you also need to keep it clean just as you would your toilet. Use only recommended cleaning fluids and try to avoid spraying into the electronic parts. If you’re unsure how to clean it, the instructions should explain how to do it. Otherwise, the manufacturer should have provided a helpline or email address to contact them for advice. Keeping the device clean of debris and dirt is the best way to ensure it continues to function as it’s supposed to.

Keep Your Toilet Lift Serviced

Some electronic devices, especially those with moving parts, require regular services – typically every 1-2 years. Your toilet lift is a complex piece of machinery with moving parts. We strongly recommend registering the device for the manufacturer’s guarantee and taking their advice about servicing. Parts will wear out and degrade over time. To ensure your toilet lift doesn’t have a breakdown, take good care of it. In turn, it will take care of you.