If you struggle with dexterity and general coordination difficulties the kitchen can pose a number of risks. Cutting yourself while chopping, struggling to open containers, or even comfortably holding appliances and utensils are just a few of the potential obstacles that may be faced. However, there are a number of living aids that can provide some assistance when it comes to spending time in the kitchen.

Jar and Bottle OpenerJar and Bottle Opener kitchen

One of the most common struggles in the kitchen for many people is trying to open the top of a jar or bottle. This is even more difficult if you have grip issues. This Jar and Bottle Opener can mould itself to the shape of the container reducing the amount of grip you need to open it. The coned designed, ridged edges, and rubber coating makes it much easier to get hold of than the slippery lids usually found on jars or bottles. Thanks to its malleability it can also be used on objects other than containers such as door knobs and tap handles.

Tornado Tin Opener

A manual can Tornado Tin Opener kitchenopener can be one of the fiddliest kitchen appliances to use and they often wear out after a certain amount of time. The Tornado Tin Opener offers an affordable and modern solution this inconvenience. Instead of fumbling around with a half-working tin opener the Tornado open a can at the push of a button. It’s simple a case of affixing it to the top of the tin, starting the device, and it will do the rest. A few moments later you’ll have an open tin with no fuss or frustration.

Relieve Cheese SlicerRelieve Cheese Slicer kitchen

A bit of grated cheese is a great flavour addition to many dishes, but cheese graters aren’t really designed with dexterity difficulties in mind. Scuffing the tips of your fingers or knuckles on the blades is a common and painful occurrence. The Relieve Cheese Slicer completely reconfigures the design of a typical cheese grater to massively improve accessibility and safety. The handle is far away from the blades and angled upwards so you don’t need to use as much pressure to start grating, reducing the chance of slipping and injuring yourself.

Uccello PowerPour Kettle

Pouring a kettle wUccello PowerPour Kettle kitchen hen you have difficulty with a steady grip can be a high risk daily task, especially if you have a kettle that leaks slightly when titled. If you were to spill boiling water on yourself the injuries could be serious. The Uccello PowerPour Kettle eliminates this risk with its revolutionary modern design. Mounted in a specialised cradle the kettle can be poured without the need for lifting, instead just a light nudge to tilt it forward will direct the water into the cup placed in front of it. The kettle can still be removed from its cradle if necessary, but this is just an option.

Fix Preparation Cutting BoardFix Preparation Board kitchen

Chopping and preparing food is the precursor to some of the most common kitchen accidents there are. This can happen because the food or chopping board slips out from under the knife. The Fix Preparation Chopping Board has been meticulously designed to increase the safety of food preparation. The suction cups allow it to be fixed to any clean, smooth surface preventing it from slipping away and there is also and adjustable clamp to hold either food or certain utensils in position. This lets you chop with just one hand and keep what would be the supporting hand out of harms way. Something especially useful if you have paralysis due to stroke or another condition.