Eclipse Travel Mobility Scooter

Product Features

Maximum Speed

The Eclipse Mobility Scooter is capable of a top speed of 4mph. This scooter can be used on UK pavements and public footpaths.

Maximum Range

The Eclipse Mobility Scooter can carry a passenger on  full charge up to 10 miles. The maximum distance does depend on the user weight and terrain you are travelling on.

Maximum Weight

The Eclipse is a robust mobility scooter with a maximum user weight of 18 stone. With suspension and a comfortable seat you are assured of a comfortable journey.

CareCo Eclipse Mobility Scooter

This light and robust mobility scooter has a narrow design that allows it the freedom to navigate through areas with limited room. The CareCo Eclipse travel mobility scooter has a very small turning circle which means it can turn even in the most cramped of conditions. Simple to control the CareCo Eclipse Travel Mobility Scooter has very responsive controls which can be operated with little difficulty. For these reasons the CareCo Eclipse Travel Mobility Scooter is an excellent choice if you are looking for a mobility scooter that can get around safely and easily indoors.

3 Months FREE Insurance

Mobility Scooter Insurance is important to have in case you have an accident. All mobility scooters listed come with an 3 months FREE insurance from the date of delivery.

FREE Delivery

No hidden costs, delivery on all mobilty scooters is FREE. Items are delivered by courier, if you need the item carried up stairs you might consider the Engineered Delivery option.


The CareCo Eclipse Travel Mobility Scooter can be broken down into 5 pieces making it essay to take with you in the car or on holiday.

Comfort as standard

The CareCo Eclipse Mobility Scooter is a narrow scooter making it agile and easy to navigate confine spaces such as in shops.

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