We spend around a third of our lives in bed. That’s why it’s necessary not just to choose the right bed for you with the right mattress, but also to select the right accessories to help you make the most of your night of sleep. From the first stirrings of a desire to snuggle up with a book to those first moments of waking, these night accessories have you covered to enjoy every moment of your time in bed. Go to sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed.

High Vision LED Reading LightHigh Vision LED Reading Lights night accessories

Your journey through night accessories begins with curling up with a good book or your e-reader for an hour or so before sleep time. This lamp provides plenty of concentrated light, so you don’t need to get out of bed to switch the light off once comfortable. Reading helps us relax before bed and this 8W energy-saving device provides 650 lumens rating for clear and pleasant reading. Comfort and relaxation from the moment you climb into bed to the moment you decide that you couldn’t possibly manage just one more chapter.

Luxor Cooling Gel Comfort PillowLuxor Cooling Gel Comfort Pillow night accessories

A pillow has one function – to provide comfort. Over time, standard pillows lose their body and flatten out. It’s a constant battle to plump them up again but this doesn’t tend to last long. Add that to the constant turning for the cool side and you have potentially sleepless nights. But the Luxor gel comfort pillow night accessory kills two birds with one stone. It moulds to your head’s shape for maximum comfort based on your sleeping position and then keeps you at a comfortable temperature all night. It comes with a washable cover for hygiene too.

PAB Tender TouchPAB Tender Touch night accessories

Do you have a memory foam mattress and suffer from excessive sweating or incontinence? This night accessory may be the perfect mattress protector for you. We provide single, double, king and super king sizes, but also a pillow protector – ideal once again for excess perspiration to protect memory foam pillows. Its unique design wicks away moisture and allows it to evaporate into the atmosphere. It’s most suitable for those with sensitive skin who may experience strong irritation or other reaction to incontinence or their own sweat.

Eye Mask and Ear Plug SetEye Mask and Ear Plug Travel Set night accessories

Does your partner snore? Is there a street light right outside your window or cars going past all night? Light and sound pollution disturb our sleep, leading to grumpiness, irritability and a lack of concentration. There are potential medical problems associated with poor sleep including heart disease and depression. All it takes to eliminate the light and noise is this simple night accessory kit. Cover your eyes and your eyes to sleep soundly.

HASLED Colour Temperature BulbHASLED Colour Temperature LED Bulb with Remote Control night accessories

The right mood lighting can aid both sleeping and waking when used effectively. Relaxation helps you get to sleep and the right brightness and sounds can stimulate the sense when you need to get up. Let us introduce you to one of the most versatile lighting systems currently available in the night accessories range. It will go in any of your current lamps although living room and bedrooms are preferred. Not only can you adjust the colour temperature (warmth), but also the brightness to create the perfect night and morning ambience.

Star Projection ClockStar Projection Clock night accessories

Another device suitable for the hour before bed and the first stirrings of waking up, the soothing sounds of this alarm clock are perfect for those who struggle to get to sleep or to wake up. You have 10 sound options from which to choose, from summer night to morning birdsong and several colours schemes and patterns to complement the experience. This is using mindfulness to sleep and to wake up; it’s useful as a mind-calming gadget or as an alarm clock.