Adjustable beds have both medical and relaxation benefits. Even if you’re not ill or otherwise infirm, there are many reasons to buy an adjustable bed to help you get through the night. There is no getting away from the fact that no matter how much we exercise, the aches and pains of getting older affects us all. Even octogenarian marathon runners will still occasionally have problems caused by nothing more sinister than the age of their body. Here are some reasons why an adjustable bed can benefit you.

Arthritis / Rheumatism6ft Westminster Deluxe older

These are the two most common health conditions associated with getting older. Although not everyone gets them, the simple wear and tear on our joints and bones over the years, including health conditions as well as obesity and a lack of exercise, can make us less mobile. An adjustable bed can ease the transition of getting in and out of bed, turning one of the simplest movements into a pleasure again. Simply adjust the bed to a sitting position while you sit down and then swing your body around, leaning against the raised back. In the morning, do the reverse for some mild relief from arthritis and rheumatism.

Cartilage and Ligament Problems

Excess weight and a lack of exercise put more strain and pressure on your joints, including the cartilage that allows us to move them. However, the soft tissue degenerates with age. No matter how slim you are, no matter how active, this fact is unavoidable. It leads to stiff limbs – especially on the feet and knees but can also mean backache and shoulder stiffness. You can adjust your adjustable bed to any position to provide relief. The head section raises up to support your back and shoulders while the legs will bend and raise to take the weight off your knees.

Sitting Up and Reading

As you get older, putting the pillows behind your back simply isn’t enough support when you want to sit in bed and read or spend time on your tablet. You need the extra support of an adjustable bed. You need the mattress to raise up and provide full, mechanical, electrical powered support if you want to go to sleep relaxed and without a bad back. The real beauty of adjustable beds is that the motors will allow you to sit or lie in almost any position. They are designed for your comfort and medical relief.

Oedema Relief

This common problem is the build-up of fluid in the body, typically around the joints and extremities, but can affect the who body. It can be the result of other medical conditions. If you don’t know why you’re swelling, it’s important to seek medical advice. People with some congenital problems such as varicose veins and blood clotting may experience it regularly; it will go on its own but that doesn’t stop the discomfort in the meantime. Some evidence suggests that raising your legs above the level of the heart can relieve Oedema. Therefore, an adjustable bed is one long-term solution for people who keep experiencing this problem.

General Improved Sleep

There remains some debate about whether older people need less sleep than their younger peers. Some studies suggest older people simply don’t get enough good quality sleep due to their aches and pains. That’s something with which an adjustable bed may help; there is no longer a need to lie prone, especially if you have specific aches and pains in certain areas. Raise the legs or raise the back – or even both – to create a good body shape and posture to promote sleep. You’re no longer constrained by how you’re supposed to sleep, but what suits you.