A powerstroll is a motor or electric engine that attaches to manual wheelchairs for adding a little “oomph”. They help you get around quicker and with less effort, allowing you to switch between manual control and powered movement. Here are six essential reasons you can benefit from a powerstroll for your wheelchair.

You Live in a Hilly AreaDrive Dual Wheel Lightweight Powerstroll

The first reason is that you don’t live on flat ground – at the top, bottom or surrounded by steep inclines. Hills are enough to fill most people with dread. You can build upper body strength to cope with these inclines, and so can any attendant you might have with you, but a powerstroll helps you take the stress and strain out of simply getting around. The motor does the hard work, so you don’t have to. Simply switch it on and you or the attendant will find it much easier to get you up and down those inclines.

Cheaper than a Powerchair

A powerstroll is cost-effective against the higher cost of buying an electric powerchair. Also, most people will not need all the functions of a powerchair. They are suitable for people with little to no upper body strength and mobility. The powerstroll takes the essential function of a powerchair for you to use in any other type – the power ability. Why spend a lot of money on something you don’t need? Save £££ on this simple device.

Use with Multiple Wheelchairs

Perhaps you have an indoor wheelchair and an outdoor wheelchair. Maybe you have one self-propelled model and one attendant-propelled. Each wheelchair type has its uses, benefits and drawbacks. Naturally, you want to use your powerstroll with as many manual models as possible. That’s why this type of wheelchair accessory is so popular – they don’t just allow you to save money, but also allow you to enjoy the same benefits on multiple devices – something that cannot be said for investing in separate manual and electric wheelchairs.

A Powerstroll is Space Saving

Except in a few limited examples, powerchairs do not tend to collapse, fold or come apart. They take up a lot of space in your home. A powerstroll is a small, transportable electric device that you can store in a cupboard or in the car without taking up too much space. They’re lightweight and easy to transport too; this is another advantage over investing in a large, bulky, heavy powerchair. If you live in a flat or small house, it can often be frustrating for you to know where to store your powerchair – they always seem to get in the way. Not so with a powerstroll.

U-Drive Powerstroll with Enigma XSYou Don’t Always Need an Attendant (Not All Models)

Some powerstroll models are designed to go with self-propelled wheelchairs. However, we recommend that you check the specifications before purchase if you seek this function. Most have switches at the back which the wheelchair user is generally unable to reach to switch on or off. But an attendant can. The models that do attach to self-propelled models are clearly labelled. They allow unrivalled control over your wheelchair. Switch between powered use and manual use. When using the electric function for harder terrain, you’ll find a longer period of use.

You Want More Independence

Regardless of the model type you choose, a powerstroll will increase your independence. You are no longer limited by the physical feats of your attendant. Neither are you limited by your own dexterity, especially when tired. A powerstroll is a mobility aid; with that, it will allow you to increase your independence. Traversing over sand is less problematic, the same with hills and slopes, cobbles and other terrains with which you might struggle. Make lighter work and visit the places you might otherwise decide to pass up.