With the temperature taking a drastic drop in the last few weeks, it might feel as though winter is already here. However, it doesn’t begin until 21st December most years, leading into the coldest and darkest period of the year. You’ll need to be careful in the wet and the dry. Ice is a real threat to your mobility; the last thing you want is to spend any time over the Christmas period in hospital with a broken wrist or twisted ankle. Here are some winter walking aids to help improve your safety.

Stability SensorStability Sensor LED safety

If you already have a walking stick you may not wish to buy a new one. Why buy a reinvented wheel when your old one will cope perfectly well with a simple upgrade? Winter is dark and miserable; even during the hours of maximum daylight, visibility can be low. We do need to get out and about a 4pm or 5pm when it is already dark. Simply attach this device to the bottom of your walking stick or cane. It has a wider base which obviously provides you with greater stability, but this is not the only feature of this winter walking aid. It has an LED inside that lights up automatically when it gets too dark.

Safety Ice Grip

Another walking stick attachment, this winter walking aid does exactly what it says on the box – that is, grips ice. Simply attach to the rubber ferrule of your stick and it will grip icy surfaces to make your going steady as you go about your chores outside of the home, in the garden, or simply walking along your own garden path. We all need a little extra help remaining stable during the cold, snowy and icy conditions and this inexpensive device can make a potentially treacherous journey just a little more pleasant and safe.

Safety Walking StickSafety Walking Stick

Complement your usual walking stick with this great addition to the range of winter walking aids. Not only is it sturdy and one on which you can safely place your weight, the bottom rubber ferrule offers great stability. Add to that the built-in LED torch to help guide your way at night and you have a great mobility device for the winter. Additionally, and critically, this device contains an inbuilt panic alarm. Not only will you be able to see where you’re going, you’ll also be able to call for help if you have an accident.

Deluxe Duo Walking Frame

People who use walking frames don’t just need help moving; many need assistance getting down and up again. That’s why the Deluxe Duo Walking Frame is such a marvellous choice of winter walking aid. You’ll be amazed at how manoeuvrable it is and at its lightweight a sturdy nature. We’re confident you won’t find many better options for winter mobility. It collapses with just a single touch, making it easy to carry around. It’ll go in the car and fold away nicely at the end of the day.

Pack and Go Walker with Carry Bagsafety walker

Wheeled devices such as tri-walkers and rollators may not feel particularly safe in icy conditions. That’s why many of our customers prefer a mobility device with wheels and ferrules at this time of the year. This great winter walking aid has four sturdy legs – two with wheels and two with ferrules, to help you progress in safety during a journey. The height adjustable legs help with your posture and maintain stability. The included carry bag means you don’t have to upset your balance by carrying items on your shoulders or in your hands.